Under the Big Black Sun will be released as an audiobook by Penguin Randomhouse.

In addition to John and his co-author Tom DeSavia, UNDER THE BIG BLACK SUN’s 14 contributors narrate their own personal stories, from the legendary shows by X, The Germs and The Screamers, to the raucous afterparties, trailblazing acts, and counterculture community who found their tribe in the punk scene. The full cast includes:


John Doe (X)

Tom DeSavia, recording industry veteran

Dave Alvin (The Blasters)
Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
Charlotte Caffey (The Go-Go’s)
Exene Cervenka
Teresa Covarrubias (The Brat)
Chris D. (Flesh Eaters)
Pleasant Gehman, writer
Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L.)
Robert Lopez (aka El Vez, The Zeros)
Kristine McKenna, writer
Chris Morris, music reporter, Variety
Henry Rollins (Black Flag)
Mike Watt (The Minutemen)
Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go’s)


The audiobook also incorporates live recordings throughout of some of X’s most well-known tracks, including “Los Angeles,” from their debut album of the same name; “We’re Desperate” and “I’m Coming Over” from follow-up Wild Gift; a studio rehearsal recording of “Because I Do” from Under the Big Black Sun, and more.

 UNDER THE BIG BLACK SUN transports listeners, sharing the stories of camaraderie, ambition, feuds, and experimentation that helped move punk from a fringe counterculture movement to a mainstay.

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