John Doe is nominated for a GRAMMY

Very excited to announce that John Doe is nominated for a 2017 GRAMMY Award for the audiobook version of Under The Big Black Sun, along with Tom DeSavia, Scott Sherratt & Dan Zitt!

GRAMMY Awards are decided by votes from voting members in the Recording Academy.  Voting members include musicians, music producers, songwriters, engineers and other music professionals. Final ballots are due January 13th, so if you know anyone who is a voting member please put in a good word.

A GRAMMY win for Under The Big Black Sun would be a tremendous honor to share with every author and photographer who contributed to the book, every band from the scene, everyone who loves LA Punk & everyone who cheers for the underdog.

Help John Doe get nominated for a GRAMMY award

Do you know anyone who votes in the GRAMMY Awards?  John Doe is on the initial ballot for The Westerner and for Under the Big Black Sun.  Votes on this initial ballot will determine the GRAMMY nominees for 2017.  Fingers crossed!