1. The Golden State Remix (Featuring Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker)
2. The Golden State (Neighbors Remix)
3. The Golden State (Electric Demo)
4. The Golden State (Live @ WXPN)
5. The Golden State (Album version, featuring Kathleen Edwards)

[2008] Yep Roc Records

The Golden State EP features five versions of John Doe's "The Golden State," including a live version and a cover recorded by Eddie Vedder and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker.



The Golden State 

you are the hole in my head
I am the pain in your neck
you are the lump in my throat
I am the aching in your heart
we are tangled
we are stolen
we are living
where things are hidden
you are something in my eye
I am the shiver down your spine
you are the lick of my lips
I am on the tip of your tongue
we are tangled
we are stolen
we are buried up to our necks in sand
we are luck
we are fate
we the feeling you get in the golden state
we are love
we are hate
we are the feeling I get when you walk away
you are the dream in my nightmare
I am that falling sensation
you are my needles & pins
I am your hangover morning